Affordable Industrial Desiccant Air Dryers

Provide compressed air filtration solutions for your application's compressed air needs.

Why buy a Desiccant Dryer?

When compressed air is expanded through a spray gun, the air cools down and the vapor condenses into a liquid. The bulk liquids created by the expansion of compressed air through an orifice or a control valve can lead to major problems.

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Humidity and Water Vapours

Water vapor is the gaseous form of water. The higher the temperature of the compressed air, the more water vapor it can contain. As a rule of thumb, every 20 degrees of temperature increase approximately doubles the moisture content of your compressed air.

Water and Bulk Liquids

When the hot saturated compressed air cools down, the water vapor condenses into liquid water. Condensed liquid water leads to water aerosol, an emulsification of water and air.

Dirt and Solid Particulates

The dirt category of contaminants includes pipe scale, rust and solid particulates. These contaminants are often the result of the presence of water and humidity in the compressed air and have a negative effect in surface preparation and paint jobs.

Oil and Aerosols

Oil contaminants can enter the compressed air atmospherically or from the compression systems themselves (lubrication, cooling, and sealing). Oil can lead to fish eyes